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Season Resources

The season is still being determined, for now the theme is Charged Up.

The season for 2022 is RAPID REACT presented by Boeing. Two alliances of three teams each must compete to score cargo balls into a lower and higher hub. Teams can also climb and traverse angled monkey bars. The first 15 seconds of the match are autonomous, while the remaining 2 minutes and 30 seconds are allotted for driver guidance. There are two special clauses for this season. The first is that there are special launch pads that protect the robot from coming in contact with another robot. The other clause is that robots can take in the opposing alliance balls, but shooting those will result in the opposing alliance to gain points.


Game Manual link:

This season, because of COVID, had an at home challenges portion that allowed teams to participate virtually.

Safety Resources

Safety information for tools, maintenance, and competitions can be seen in the links below.


Programming Resources

Programming information and PowerPoints can be found in the links below.


Build Resources

Resources for building the robot and parts of the robot.


Outreach Resources

Resources for Outreach programs and other activities.