Team 8576. EST 2020

We are a Texas-based FIRST Robotics (FRC) team from Jordan High School! Our students maintain a diverse and welcoming community to work together and succeed. Our team works to bring and improve passions for STEM and helping the community by participating in yearly FIRST Robotics competitions. 

2024-2025 SEASON:

Our Members

The Jordan High School Robotics (Golden Warriors Robotics) is a multi-cultural team filled with passionate students who want to bring S.T.E.M. to the youth of our community by participating in yearly FIRST Robotics Competitions. For more information please visit our About us page.

The Jordan High School Robotics (Golden Warriors Robotics) participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition or FRC. Learn all about FRC and the history of our team in our About us page. 

In addition to robotics and engineering, the Golden Warriors Robotics is active in the community. Through the Outreach and Operations team, we participate in and host STEM related activities that help underrepresented students participate in and gain experience. Some of our activities include STEAM Nights, EV3 for Special Ed Students, and supporting FLL teams. For more information about our Outreach and Ops activities please check our Outreach page and Resources Page.


Parents are the underlying reason for this organization’s success. Without their involvement, the team would not function smoothly and have the needed guidance. 

Learn more about the role you can fill as a parent and how to join our organization.

We’re continuing to expand our social presence, while also helping out the community with multiple projects including, a clothes drive and helping younger aged children take an interest in STEM.


View our Photo gallery, listen to our podcast, and check out our social media accounts.


Without sponsors providing material and economic support, our team wouldn’t be able to continue. Our relationship with Sponsors goes beyond the checkbook, with the cornerstone of the organization to build meaningful and lasting connections with those who support us on our journey. Learn more about the process and benefits of sponsoring our team by checking out the Sponsors page.

Thank you for supporting us sponsors!


What's Happening Now?

We are currently working to prepare our first robot for the Week 1 Katy Competition.

Current Competition

The Current Season

The FIRST theme is FIRST IN SHOW presented by Qualcomm. 

The season for 2024 for FRC is CRESCENDO presented by Gene Haas.

Recent Activities

We are in the process of building our robot for the week 1 katy competition.

More about us...

What is FIRST?

FIRST is an international organization that works to spread the wonders of S.T.E.M. through competitions and outreach to youth all over the world. FIRST Robotics allows high school students to solve real world issues while also learning engineering, programming, team management, and business. Students get the opportunity to connect with professional mentors allowing them access to valuable skills and knowledge. Want to learn more about FIRST? Visit here.

Jordan High School

We are a club of Jordan High School. Want to learn more about our school? Visit us here

To learn more about us visit us here. 

Our Hub

The Robert R. Shaw Center for STEAM has been our work site since 2020, and it houses all of the Katy ISD FRC teams, including 624, 2882, 4639, 5427, 6488, and 8370. It was designed to provide students across all grade levels access to materials and people, while also allowing conception, design, and production of robots. Programs at the RSC are developed around interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on encouraging students to be innovators in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Visit the RSC website for more information.


Remix Competition

The team participated in Remix where we had the opportunity to show new members the activities of competition. 

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

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